About Your Surgery

Before Your Surgery

Will I be contacted prior to my surgery by the facility?

What tests are required prior to my surgery?

What should I bring?

Should I arrange a ride to the facility?

What may I eat and drink before surgery?

Should I take my routine medications on the day of surgery?

What can I do to help prevent a surgical site infection?

Day of Surgery

What will happen when I first arrive at the facility?

What should I wear?

What should I do with my clothes and additional belongings?

What happens after I check-in?

Will I see my physician prior to surgery?

How long can my family stay with me prior to my procedure?

When should I arrive?

What if I think I might be pregnant?

Can I smoke?


Are there different kinds of sedation or anesthesia?

May I request the type of anesthesia I will receive?

Will I receive any sedatives before surgery?

What are the risks of anesthesia?

After Your Surgery

What will happen if I am not well enough to go home?

What if I am not feeling well once I get home?

What can I eat when I get home?

How will my pain be managed?

Can my family be with me after surgery?

May I drive home?

Should I continue my usual medications after surgery?

How long will I stay after my surgery?